Disruptive Technology for the
Commercial Manufacturing of Pure
Lithium Metal at Room Temperature

Green technology driven by the transition to a low carbon economy.

An Innovative Clean Tech Company

α-En Lithium Metal Products

Lowest Cost, Highest Purity, Cleanest Technology

Reducing raw material costs - the key to profitability for battery companies.

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Clean Technology Cutting Costs
and the Carbon Footprint

Our proprietary process enables the production of
pure lithium metal at a significant cost savings

Lithium Metal Batteries

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Lithium Metal: Power Up

Clean Technology

Our room temperature, proprietary patent pending process was developed by alpha-En’s research team in 2013. This novel process is mercury and chlorine free, eliminating the use and release of toxic chemicals and expensive containment costs. Our process is so clean it enables alpha-En to manufacture lithium metal at a significant cost savings, and can be made in the United States, saving US battery manufactures VAT and associated import costs. Lower processing temperatures substantially reduce production costs and carbon emissions.
Our process, by eliminating impurities in the raw material, solves a myriad of problems for battery developers. Yes, it is possible to meet the skyrocketing demand for lithium without harming the environment.

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